Cleaning Concentrate & Sanitiser Set
Cleaning Concentrate & Sanitiser Set
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Cleaning Concentrate & Sanitiser Set

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Set of our Cleaning Concentrates & Sanitisers

The set contains-

        • All purpose Sanitiser Concentrate
        • Personal Hand Sanitiser 
        • Antibacterial Biodegradable Eucalyptus Disinfectant Concentrate
        • Anti-bacterial Hand wash Concentrate 
        • Fruit & Veg Sanitiser  


All purpose Sanitiser Concentrate

100ml makes over 50 spray bottles

Non rinse, non perfume sanitiser.  Ideal for use in food areas, bench tops, cleaning kitchen utensils, chopping boards and floors. 

Contains: 1 – 10% Benzalkonium chloride, 1 -10% Fatty alcohol ethoxylate, linear

 Directions: Dilute 2ml to 500ml of warm water in a spray or squeezy bottle. Spray what you are wanting to sanitise and then leave to air dry. Best to refill solution after 24 hours.


Personal Hand Sanitiser 

 Non rinse, non perfumed gel.  Government grade sanitiser made for medical and hospitality use. 

Ideal for popping in your bag and having on you at all times.  Packaged in recycled, refillable and reusable glass.

Kills 99.9% of germs. 

Contains: 60% Isopropanol (Isopropyl alcohol)


Directions: Use 1-2 drops directly on hands to sanitise. 


Antibacterial Biodegradable Eucalyptus Disinfectant Concentrate

100ml makes up to 20 litres

An antibacterial and biodegradable cleaner effective for sanitising floors, kitchens, surfaces and more.  High levels of quats and non-ionic biodegradable surfactants.

Kills germs and cleans effectively.

Directions: Mix a small amount into warm water to clean and disinfect floors and surfaces. Can be used undiluted for sick rooms, toilets, drains and rubbish bins.


Anti-bacterial Hand wash Concentrate – 200ml

Super strength anti-bacterial hand wash.  Strong enough for use in schools, nursing homes and restaurants. Provides up to 12 hours protection against germs.

Made with approved antibacterial ingredients.

Directions: Dilute 1 to four parts water in your favourite pre-existing pump bottle.  Then use as you would any other liquid soap.  Moisten hands with water. Apply a small portion onto hands. Rub well to create lather. Rinse hands thoroughly.


Fruit & Veg Sanitiser  –  100ml 

Will last up to 250 washes 

Simply add one or two drops to your sink when washing fruit and veg to remove any harmful germs or chemicals prior to eating.  At times like this we need to be vigilant on not only what we're putting in our bodies but also where it might have been before we purchased it or who it might have been in contact with. 

Ingredients: Contains Chlorine present as sodium Hypochlorite 25g/l

Directions: Dilute a few drops to your sink when washing fruit and veg. Soak for 3-5 minute. Rinse thoroughly and allow fruit and veg to dry before use.