Seonaidh (PRON. Sea-owner) is the woman behind Big Bite Eco which she founded in 2013 (formerly Big Bite Creations/Soft Constructions Studios).  She is an artist and multidisciplinary designer primarily that likes to wear a lot of different hats.  She has a keen interest in sustainability and innovation when it comes to the environment plus a love of good food, wine and enjoying life. She is also not very good at sitting still and likes to do lots of different things at the same time.

Seonaidh holds a Bachelor of Fine Art & Design from Curtin University (Perth,WA), an Advanced Diploma in Fashion & Textile Design from Central Institute of Technology (Perth, WA), Certificate III & IV in Graphic Design Production with Adobe Accreditation – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign also from Central Institute of Technology and a Certificate IV in Small Business Management from ABS (Perth, WA).

Seonaidh has a diverse background which incorporates a contemporary art and design education with practical skills such as advertising, marketing, management and development, that she has acquired by working with hospitality, functions and events industries over the past 10 years.

Her broad background means she can draw on practical and creative skills, which has helped to develop a unique and diverse design and illustration practice focussed mainly around food, wine and the kitchen. Seonaidh utilizes a variety of techniques and mediums (from digital to watercolour) so she can efficiently and creatively articulate their visions.

While she’s not working Seonaidh enjoys eating and cooking (but only multi-coloured food, she can’t stand food that is all one colour), singing karaoke (in her car, in karaoke bars, to the dog, to the fridge…) and watching Law & Order (she can’t be sure but she might have seen almost every episode created).   She also thinks her love for all things to do with sustainability and the environment actually stems from being a poor student and growing up with a cheap arse father.  Waste not want not.  Am I right?

Seonaidh is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to work with other people and in other places around the world.  
If there's something she can help you out with please feel free to get in touch-