Big Bite Eco


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Classic Enamel Plates that are great for any kitchen and pretty  much indestructible! 

What I’m made from: Stainless steel coated in beautiful pastel enamels.

How to use me: Great for entertaining and food on the go

How to keep me clean: I can go in the dishwasher but will last longer if you hand wash me. 

 How to keep me safe: I’m pretty resilient but can’t go in the oven or microwave.   Please be gentle as I may dent if dropped.

How to dispose of me: I should last if looked after.  I'm pretty much indestructible.


    • Approx 12cm diameter 
    • Dishwasher & freezer safe (-20 to 120 ℃)
    • Compact size 
    • Durable
    • Safe & Eco-Friendly 
    • Made of stainless steel coated enamel
    • LTGB & FDA certification
    • Free of BPA, melamine, heavy metals and other harmful substances