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Use these silicone bags as an alternative to plastic ziplock bags. 

Fill your silicone food bags with any food or liquids and seal with the included slide.  Once sealed the bags are airtight and can be used to store food fresher for longer in the fridge or freezer.  Perfect for fish, meats, cheeses, stock, soup, herbs, fruit and veg.

Warm hand wash or dishwasher safe.  Clean and dry thoroughly after each use.

Silicone is inert, doesn’t out gas or leach dioxin or lead or phthalates.  It’s non-toxic, safe for food, resists microbes, is easy to clean and stands up to hot and cold temperatures.

What I’m made from: Platinum silicone. Silicone is made from the silica found in sand which makes it a resililent, long lasting alternative to plastic that has similar properties to glass.

How to use me: Use me as an alternative to single use plastic ziplocks. Great for storing herbs and greens in the fridge, dry foods in the pantry and freezing soups/sauces.

How to keep me clean: I can go in the dishwasher but will last longer if you hand wash me. Some foods may stain me.

How to keep me safe: Please be gentle as I may rip if pierced with a sharp object. I’m pretty resilient and can go in the oven (up to 250 degrees celcius), microwave & freezer.

How to dispose of me: I should last years if looked after. At the end of my life span I can be returned to Big Bite Eco, put into your recycling bin (check if your council recycles silicone) or taken to a commercial recycling facility.


    • 500ml volume (per bag)
    • Food grade silicone
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Freezer safe
    • Microwave safe
    • Can be used to reheat/souvide food in boiling water
    • Easy to use and store
    • Reusable (will not warp or crack)
    • BPA free
    • Foodsafe
    • Easy to clean
    • Free standing- so take up less space in the fridge
    • Leakproof 

     *May discolour from certain foods.  Exposure to hot animal fats may stain the product.