So turns out plastic isn't as fantastic as we all once thought.  It's an awkward topic we know but don't stress we have a back up plan!  We've  made some eco-friendly lunchware that is going to make your breakup with plastics a little more bearable.  So you can say seeya to plastic and hello to a new, sustainable future. 

All of our lunchware is designed so that you can eat your favourite snacks on the go without having to rely on your old friends clingwrap, alfoil or plastic bags.  Did we also mention that they're super cute? 

Our reusable products are made from either natural, upcycled waste or long lasting materials that can all be recycled or are biodegradable at the end of their lifespan.  Perfect for taking your food to school, work, the gym, on an adventure, a hike up Mount Everest, to the moon...anywhere where you need your plastic free snacks really! 

They're easy to use making them perfect for little ones and they will keep your food fresher for longer which means less food waste!  Yessssssss!  We think it's time to make Jessie from accounts soooooo jealous of your lunch game!